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z Murketts of Stapleford

Murketts of Stapleford

London Road, Stapleford, Cambridgeshire, CB22 5DG

Tel - 01223 716600
Fax - 01223 716622
Email -

Murketts of Stapleford is both local and friendly. Often described as Cambridge South in the press, we have a small and dedicated team, but still remain competitive on price and excellent on service.

Pop in and visit us TODAY. We have Chris Harper in sales who can be contacted by phone or email:

We also do car and van services, MOTs, repairs, recalls and much more, come in and have a chat to John or Nigel, they are our very helpful service advisers.


BEATING THE BEHIND-THE-WHEEL BULLIES WITH MURKETTS  Stapleford's women learn the art of roadside self-defence

A car confidence evening organised by a Vauxhall dealership in Stapleford, Cambridgeshire, has made local women more aware of how to protect themselves against the dangers they could face on the road.

The event was a self-help course organised by Murketts to help teach local women drivers the basics of practical car mechanics and personal self-protection, so that they are less likely to be left stranded and vulnerable by the roadside. The event, which was in support of Cancer Research UK's ‘It's a Girl thing' campaign, included roadside get-you-home tips, defensive driving and how to ward off possible ‘road rage' attackers.

Following a recent spate of stories about aggressive driving in the media, more than 120 women (and quite a few men) attending a Women in the Driving Seat car workshop evening at Murketts' showroom in London Road, Stapleford, near Cambridge, turned out en masse to learn about driving in today's stressful conditions.Karate instructor and self-protection specialist Grant Hicks made the subject of defending yourself from a would-be mugger both entertaining and instructive. He developed the personal safety theme and demonstrated a quick-fire method of foiling a would-be assailant, which involved disarming him - or her - in three easy moves with the aid of everyday objects such as a torch or a pen.    "Women are perceived as being more vulnerable than men and are seen as an easy target when it comes to road rage," said Grant. "Also, other people are scared to get involved, even if they see it's a woman being attacked, so you have to be able to defend yourself."

The psychology behind dangerous and aggressive driving behaviour and dealing with behind-the-wheel bullies was also explored by ex-Police Chief Inspector Vic Botterill, who gave his audience advice about avoiding the need to use one of Grant's techniques when faced with road rage. "Mouthing sorry can stop a minor incident turning into road rage," he said. "If you know you're wrong, just say it. If it's gone beyond that and you're dealing with a violent man, keep your distance - invading his personal space isn't going to make the situation better. Speak calmly and never, ever, smile. That will only pour petrol onto what is an emotional bonfire," emphasised Vic.

The visitors headed for Murketts's workshops where volunteers were encouraged to change a car's wheel under the supervision of the Vauxhall dealership's service technicians and were given practical advice including dealing with roadside emergencies, routine car maintenance and checking oil and fluid levels.

Dr Lydia Duncan, a doctor from Addenbrookes Hospital, welcomed Murketts's practical approach: "I came along because I recently had a puncture on the M11 which nearly resulted in a nasty accident. After this, I don't think women can afford any longer to ignore the dangers on our roads," she confessed. "Murketts' Women in the Driving Seat evening was well organised and great fun too. I feel that I have learned something useful about my car today.
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