COMBO LIFE - Coming Soon to Murketts Vauxhall

Arriving in Vauxhall showrooms autumn 2018, the all-new Combo Life is full of
innovations that make it a great choice for the whole family.

Ever wish for a vehicle that covers all the bases? That offers style and comfort, yet allows you to get on with things without a hitch? Wish no longer. The Combo Life is Vauxhall’s new ‘Leisure Activity Vehicle’. A car which offers looks with its loadspace, and smart safety with its seven seats.

From hops to the shops to house moves, the Combo Life will always have what it takes. This endlessly versatile vehicle allows you to get on with the business of living.

New Vauxhall Combo Life

Seating and Space

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…

There’s room for more inside the Combo Life, whether you choose the 5-seat or 7-seat edition. Ferry large or extra-large families to anything from football practice to Christmas lunch in style. Accessibility is great for everyone as well, with sliding rear doors reducing strain when getting in or out.

Room for life

As you would expect, space is extraordinarily generous. This is even more the case if you choose the XL edition of Combo Life. The long wheelbase increases the already ample legroom. It’s also allowed the designers to increase the maximum load area to 2,693 litres with all the seats removed*. So, enough to handle any holiday or house move.

*Compared to 2,126 litres in the standard model

New Vauxhall Combo Life


Style with your space

Combo Life is a car that can take you anywhere – and it looks the part, too. Its sleek bodywork is given extra presence by its wide grille and sharply-angled wraparound headlights. The vehicle offers the raised seating position of a van, offering great visibility. Large side and rear windows make the all-round view even better.

Open for business (or leisure)

Twin sliding rear doors make Combo Life a dream for busy families and outdoor adventurers. It’s safe and easy to get in and out of the rear cabin. At the same time, removable seats make it simple to fit everything in. Loading and unloading is painless too, thanks to an easy-lift tailgate. So you’re covered, whether you’re taking anything from golf clubs to gardening tools.

Room at the top

Ample legroom and cavernous loadspace not enough for you? You can carry yet more equipment and cargo with the Combo Life’s roof rails, roof box or bike carrier. Just what you need for outdoor activities, adventures and family trips.

(Note that roof rails are an optional extra. The versions in the illustration are not available in the UK).



A view with your room

The high seating position, large side and rear windows and chunky side mirrors ensure very un-van-like visibility. Make parking easier by adding an optional rear-view parking camera. Meanwhile, the ambient lighting and air conditioning make the toughest journeys a breeze.

Load and behold

Sometimes we all need a bit of extra space. Especially when, say, we’ve just taken charge of half a ton of flat-pack furniture. Nothing to worry about with Combo Life, though. Its large load area and flat floor mean that even the bulkiest and longest loads won’t cause a problem.

Eyes front

Busy roads and motorways require your full concentration. Vauxhall’s Head-Up Display* feeds you essential information without making you take your eyes off the road ahead.

*Available as an optional extra

Warm the cockles

Make chilly mornings less of a drag by choosing the optional heated seats and steering wheel. Spend wintry trips to the shops basking rather than shivering with this optional extra



Watching your back – while you watch the road

The Combo Life has some of the most sophisticated safety features around. Active measures standard to all models include Lane Keep Assist, Traffic Sign Recognition and Forward Collision Alert. There’s also a range of optional range of clever driver assistance and safety systems.

No snoozing while you’re cruising

Long journeys are tiring, both mentally and physically. That’s where Combo Life’s Driver Drowsiness Indicator comes in. The system looks out for signs that you may be distracted or in danger of falling asleep. An alarm sounds promptly, indicating that a rest and a coffee is probably in order.

Don’t get caught on the blindside

The Combo Life’s Blind Spot Awareness system enhances safety in hectic situations. It detects when objects are within three metres of your side or rear (your blind spots). If anyone’s coming too close, it warns you with a flashing icon in your driver side mirror. Something which could save you some trouble in car parks or on busy one-way systems.

(Blind Spot Awareness is optional at an extra cost as part of the vehicle’s Parking Pack).



Make a connection

Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™ functionality is standard to ‘Energy’ specifications and above. Use your chosen system to synchronise your smartphone and its satnav, music and news app services. You can easily control everything through the eight-inch touchscreen in the centre console. And if you’re feeling really fancy, use Siri or Google Voice Control for hands-free operation.

Get your wires uncrossed

The Combo Life’s hassle-free inductive wireless charging system (optional) lets you avoid fiddling with cables. Just put your phone or tablet on its charging pad and you’re ready to go.



You’ve got the power

Petrolheads will love the powerful and flexible 1.2 litre turbocharged 110PS petrol unit. It gives even the sizeable Combo Life enough power to cut a dash around town or on the motorway. Meanwhile, its six-speed manual gearbox ensures smooth acceleration.

Two ultra-economical diesels

Both of the Combo Life’s 1.5 litre BlueInjection diesel engines feature Vauxhall’s latest NOx emission-control technology. The smaller unit delivers 100PS whilst returning impressive fuel economy of 67.3mpg. The 130PS edition, however, is almost as fuel-frugal at 65.7mpg. Moreover, it comes with the option of a responsive eight-speed automatic transmission.