he first tool to feature Snap-On Intelligent Diagnostics software, ZEUS provides all the functions and repair tips you need to diagnose, repair and manage any issue.

But unlike any tool before, it practically anticipates your next move by guiding you through every step you need to find the solution, while avoiding the steps you don't. It displays only the information that's relevant to the specific vehicle and fault code.

From Technical Service Bulletins and scanner Smart Data to SureTrack Expert Information, ZEUS is the most sophisticated, intuitive shop management tool we've ever created.

Intelligent Diagnostics Software

  • Scan for vehicle fault codes/diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)
  • SureTrack - Top Repairs and Real Fixes for the specific vehicle and DTC
  • Manufacturers Technical Service Bulletins specifically related to the vehicle and DTC
  • Smart Data automatically configures the display to show vehicle data parameters relevant to the fault code. Non-related data parameters are filtered out, to save you time
  • Highlights vehicle data that is out of expected range
  • Functional tests to verify component operation; Reset procedures to complete the repair after component replacement. Only those relevant to the fault code are shown
  • Guided Component Tests, filtered to suggest only those relevant to the DTC

​Display Tablet

  • Thin and light tablet display, with a 10" 1280x800 high-resolution display for precise detail
  • Capacitive touchscreen, sensitive to your every gesture for easy navigation
  • Boots from cold in about a minute; powers up from Ready Mode in just 5 seconds
  • Extended 5-hour battery life, with days of standby power in Ready Mode
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and internet browser to access your choice of information resources wirelessly
  • Bluetooth to stay connected to the vehicle and internet while moving freely around the service bay 
  • 64GB solid-state drive and a Quad-core Intel Celeron processor, and factory-installed Microsoft antivirus and security essentials for secure operation​

Built-in Software

  • ​Integrated diagnostic suite for fast, easy navigation: scan tool, lab scope, Guided Component Tests, SureTrack expert information, TSBs, oil specs & resets, data manager
  • Comprehensive data manager that can store thousands of vehicle records, customer data, vehicle ID and diagnostic results
  • Vehicle System Report shows all fault codes, readiness monitors in a customer-friendly format.

Scan Module

  • ​Compact Scan Module is cordless, wireless, easy to carry in a pocket and conveniently out of the way when connected
  • One-Touch Full Vehicle Code Scan & Clear quickly checks and clears codes for all available modules on the vehicle
  • Manufacturer diagnostic functions, tests and coverage previously found only in expensive factory tool

Intelligent Diagnostics provides you with the fastest path to complete the job

What makes it unique is that it anticipates your next move and guides you through every step to find the solution by displaying only information relevant to the specific vehicle and fault code.

Not only is Intelligent Diagnostics comprehensive enough to provide all the diagnostic and repair tips you need, it’s also smart enough to skip the ones you don’t.

“Smart Data” from Intelligent Diagnostics automatically configures the display on your applicable platform to show vehicle data parameters (PID) relevant to the fault code, while non-related data parameters are filtered out to save you time.

It also highlights vehicle data that is out of expected range.

Access to Intelligent Diagnostics is available on the Snap-on ZEUS™ and TRITON-D8® platforms and requires an applicable software agreement, which more than pays for itself through its depth of information and time savings.

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